Supply Chain Engagement

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Demand for beef is strong both within the United States and around the globe. In order to maintain or grow demand in the future, the beef supply chain has an opportunity to work collaboratively to understand what today’s consumers want as they purchase beef for their families. Beef Alliance members are embracing their role in this supply chain by collaborating with partners to meet demand for high-quality and safe beef that is raised in a transparent and sustainable manner. This is demonstrated by benchmarking specific feedlot practices related to judicious antibiotic use, animal welfare, traceability at the feedyard, and veterinarian training & oversight. Beef Alliance members are accountable to these commitments and to continuous improvement. They will verify these practices through a third-party audit.

The best and most productive relationships are based on trust and understanding. This holds true in the beef supply chain as well. The Beef Alliance will establish relationships with partners throughout the supply chain in order to drive positive change in the industry. While traditional demand factors, including price, quality and food safety are still critical in a consumer’s protein purchasing decision, consumers desire more and different information today. Through open and transparent engagement with supply chain partners, Beef Alliance members are working to better understand demand factors at the consumer level. This effort will help meet consumer demands and build stronger confidence in beef based on verified conformance to the Five Pillars of Feedlot Practices.

The cattle feeding segment is one link in the beef supply chain, and many factors at each segment affect long-term demand for beef. Beef Alliance members will be leaders in the cattle feeding segment by collaborating with trusted partners to drive positive change, meet consumer demands for beef and help ensure a sustainable cattle feeding segment.

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