About the Beef Alliance

Founded by visionary leaders in the cattle feeding segment, members of the Beef Alliance first met in summer 2015 as a group of innovative, progressive and relevant cattle feeding companies focused on continuing the legacy of responsible cattle stewardship through collaboration, scientific exploration and beef value chain engagement. The goal of the group was, and remains, to collectively address and collaborate on issues of common concern.

Our members are located across the United States and represent approximately 25 percent of the fed cattle supply in the country. Members include Adams Land and Cattle, AgriBeef, Beef Marketing Group Cooperative, Inc., Beef Northwest, Biegert Group, Cactus Feeders, Five Rivers Cattle Feeding, Friona Industries, and LaVaca Cattle Co.

Individually, Beef Alliance members have been on the forefront of the beef industry. They have served as agents of positive change that has resulted in increased productivity and quality, and improved animal welfare. At the same time, they have decreased their environmental impact and made American beef the protein choice around the globe.

As a unified organization, we strive to drive positive change in the beef supply chain through third party verification of practices related to veterinarian oversight and training, responsible and judicious antibiotic use, animal traceability, and animal welfare. We are leading the way into the future of the beef industry through enhanced animal stewardship and more transparent communication with value chain partners in order to foster long-term viability of the cattle feeding industry.


The Beef Alliance will be a trusted leader that drives positive change while enhancing transparency and stewardship in order to ensure a sustainable cattle feeding segment.

Through collaborative innovation, scientific exploration and value chain engagement, the Beef Alliance is committed to:
– Establishing and verifying the Five Pillars of Feedlot Practices;
– Monitoring, sharing and acting on shared issues and challenges, including policy-related issues, encountered by Beef Alliance members;
– Conducting Alliance-approved research and sharing data;
– Connecting, communicating and selectively collaborating with supply chain partners; and
– Protecting access to responsible use of appropriate production technologies.


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