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The Beef Alliance will be a trusted leader that drives positive change while enhancing transparency and stewardship in order to ensure a sustainable cattle feeding segment.

Trusted Leaders

Individually, Beef Alliance members are recognized as progressive and innovative leaders in the U.S. cattle feeding segment. Together, as a unified organization representing approximately 25 percent of the fed cattle supply, the Beef Alliance is committed to continuously improve the way we care for our cattle. We will seek a higher level of trust and communication with our supply chain partners and defend the ability to produce beef for consumers around the globe.

a pen rider in a full pen of cattle
steak ready to be grilled

Enhanced Transparency & Oversight

Consumers today want to know the story behind the food they serve their families. As such, Beef Alliance members are embracing their role in the beef supply chain, engaging with supply chain partners and industry stakeholders to enhance transparency, and to set a high standard for how cattle are cared for at the feeding segment. To further demonstrate this commitment, Beef Alliance members focus on specific feedlot practices related to judicious antibiotic use, animal welfare, traceability, veterinarian education & outreach and environmental responsibility. 

News & Resources

Cattle feeding is a technical and complex segment in the beef supply chain. The Beef Alliance is a source of trusted information about cattle feeding.

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