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Beef Alliance Startup Challenge

"Central to the Beef Alliance vision is to be a trusted leader that drives positive change in the cattle feeding industry. We can’t achieve that vision sitting on the sidelines, and the Startup Challenge is an opportunity to step up and be a leader in our industry through supporting and driving innovation in cattle feeding. This event aligns with our commitment to advance continuous improvement in cattle feeding with an openness to new technologies that improve our ability to produce high-quality, sustainably-raised beef products."
Scott Whitefoot
Scott Whitefoot
Beef Alliance Immediate Past Chairman

CattleQuants wins 2022 Startup Challenge Winner

MALVERN, ARK. – The Beef Alliance is thrilled to announce CattleQuants as the winner of the 2022 Beef Alliance Startup Challenge. An Ohio-based startup company, CattleQuants provides automated solutions for drone-based monitoring of cattle on feed. These services include head counting capabilities, weight estimation, feed bunk reading, and health monitoring.

2022 Beef Alliance Startup Challenge Finalists


About the Startup Challenge

Rather than waiting for solutions to support cattle feeding to come forward, the Beef Alliance is seeking to support, encourage and drive innovation to help ensure a sustainable cattle feeding segment. The Beef Alliance Startup Challenge is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for the creators of technology (startups) to engage directly with the customers of technology (feedyards) to put high impact solutions to work.

Companies that meet the eligibility criteria with any product for cattle feedyards are eligible to apply, though preference will be given to solutions in the following areas:  Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction, Natural Resource Management, Animal Welfare and Health, Improvement in Operational Efficiency, and Animal Nutrition and Production Efficiency.

Benefits of Participating

If you’re a startup and still considering whether to apply or not. Here are the top 5 reasons to throw your hat in the ring for the 2022 Beef Alliance Startup Challenge:

5. Win $50,000 cash to accelerate your company’s development.

4. Potential for a pilot with a Beef Alliance member company.

3. Engage with potential strategic investors.

2. Gather meaningful feedback directly from target users.

And the number one reason to participate:

1. Pitch directly to your target customers, the decision makers representing 30% of cattle on feed in the United States.

How to Enter

Please check back for future announcements regarding the Beef Alliance Startup Challenge.

*If a startup company has questions regarding eligibility, please email Jessica.Burkham@beefalliance.com

Resilient Biotics wins first-ever Beef Alliance Startup Challenge

MANHATTAN, KAN. – Resilient Biotics, a North-Carolina-based startup company, has been named the winner of the 2021 Beef Alliance Startup Challenge. Resilient Biotics is using data analytics to design microbiome-based therapeutics and advanced methods for prevention and precision treatment of disease in animals.

"The Beef Alliance Start Up Challenge provided a great opportunity for Resilient to connect directly with industry leaders. It's fantastic to see the biggest players not only supporting new innovation, but also designing a conduit for startups like Resilient to interact directly with the end customer. It's clear the Beef Alliance hopes to create an innovation ecosystem to bring forth new technologies that can address critical challenges in the beef industry. Winning the award served as critical validation for Resilients microbiome products and technology, which helps attract outside investors and adjacent industry players that want to support upstream innovation in the food supply chain."
Christopher Belnap, PhD
Resilient Biotics CEO

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